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I appreciated that you guys made the topics simple and easy to follow.”

“[The presentation] was engaging, easy to understand, and detailed. Throughout, you were empathetic to our feelings and current situation, and I think we were all grateful for that. I’ve already read the first part of the book and am excited to finish it!”

“I am appreciative that we got free books at the end!”

“I liked that your team tailored the presentation to us and focused on the topics we were interested in.”

Cal Poly SLO Students, Nov 2019

One way that we educate students on financial topics is through our presentations. We bring our books with us and go to schools, charities, organizations, and many other communities of youth and teach them about a few topics in the book they are interested in. We then make sure that every single student attending our presentation has one of our books in their hand at the end of the presentation so they have the resources they need to succeed. Each presentation explains 3-4 topics, offered from the options below:

Opening a Bank Account

Understanding Your Paycheck

Creating a Personal Budget

What Is Credit and What Building Credit Means For Your Future

The Importance of Saving

Using Student Loans

Getting a Car Loan

Basics of Doing Taxes

Stock Market Basics

Various Kinds of Insurance and How to Get Them

Retirement Accounts

Reading a Financial Statement

Making a Good Impression

How To Talk To My Parents About Finances