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Our Vision

“Our vision is to foster a world in which our citizens enter adulthood financially literate. We believe that financial literacy at a young age is key to ensuring long term economic stability, breaking the cycle of poverty, and building thriving communities.” -Steve Mayer, 5 Buckets, 4 Shovels Founder 

Our Story

In December 2018, we published our financial planning book called 5 Buckets, 4 Shovels, a Beach and a Map: A Guide to Financial Security. As the book was published, we received a lot of feedback from people indicating they wished they had something like this when they were younger and they wish high schools taught these topics. We immediately began working on a second book which has 14 chapters and is aimed at high school and college students. It gives them background on a variety of topics such as how to open a bank account, begin to save, talk to your parents about money, create a budget and much more.

It is our goal, through using a network of accounting firms and other financial Institutions, to distribute 1,000,000 copies of this book to high school and college students across the United States. Not only do we want to distribute this book to students, we want to get in front of young adults and speak to them about these important topics. The foundation is in the process of raising money through grants, and all the proceeds from the sales of the books will go to the foundation. It is the goal of the foundation to use the Five Bucket approach and write several other books and educational materials designed for other markets, such as single mothers, people with disabilities, and low-income individuals.