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Our team provides education through books, presentations and partnerships to ensure that no one is left behind. Our book "5 Buckets, 4 Shovels, a Beach and a Map" serves as the foundation for our educational presentations aimed at adults—especially those in transition—who may be newly single or those leaving the military. Our "Adulting 101" book serves as the basis for our workshop for young adults covering 14 topics we thinking everyone should know as they enter adulthood. These books are first step and continue with other resources provided to supplement your journey leading to financial security.

Personal Finance Books

Currently we have two personal finance books available for purchase, and all proceeds from sales support the Foundation directly.

5 Buckets, 4 Shovels, a Beach and a Map: A Guide to Financial Security, is a book for adults of every age and income, written using simple language and illustrations to help convey the complicated subject of financial planning. The metaphors of buckets, shovels, a beach and a map are used to explain the process of creating a financial plan and opens your mind to the things you should be thinking about in order to achieve your financial goals.

Adulting 101: A Guide to Personal Finance, is focused on young adults and provides a basic understanding of their personal finances. “We find that the basics of personal finance just aren’t being taught in high school and there’s a great need for this type of knowledge. Topics like handling a first paycheck, opening a bank account, credit card basics are just a few of the topics we want to tackle.”

We also have a third book that is not related to personal finance, but features a series of short-stories written by Steve Mayer, called The Toughest Guy I Ever Knew and Other Short Stories, and is personal in nature. With his father featured on the cover, Steve’s short stories provide bits of advice on business and life and are sprinkled with humor and his philosophy on running his business. Steve states, “We feel that providing this book to clients right off the bat helps them get a unique perspective about how we run the business and our philosophy on working with clients during their engagements.”


Through our foundation we are able to give presentations on financial topics and distribute our book explaining all these topics in depth. We plan to give presentations at high schools, colleges, organizations, charities and other communities that strive to educate our nation’s youth. We sell three books at our foundation, 2 financial guides and one compilation of short stories, and 100% of the proceeds benefit the foundation. All the money from the foundation covers production costs so we are able to give students our financial guide, free of charge.


The foundation is absolutely wonderful and I find it very helpful for young adults to gain knowledge on financial literacy because schools don’t teach us this

Cal Poly SLO Students, November 2019

[The presentation] was engaging, easy to understand, and detailed. Throughout, you were empathetic to our feelings and current situation, and I think we were all grateful for that.

Cal Poly SLO Students, November 2019

They gave the right amount of information so we were not overwhelmed, but also, were able to cover important topics that are applicable to us as college students.

Cal Poly SLO Students, November 2019

At the end of their presentation I felt that my financial literacy had went up and appreciated the book that they gave for all of us to take home.

Cal Poly SLO Students, November 2019


Your contribution or sponsorship will help us to provide free books and literacy resources to young adults and those in transition across the nation.


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