Our mission is to ensure that everyone—regardless of their stage in life—has the financial tools necessary to lead a successful future.

Support Our Mission

Whether provided as a gift to a friend or sponsoring a batch of books to give to young adults, all of the profits go directly into the Foundation to support our mission.

Custom Presentations

We will go to your school or organization and provide a customized presentation on financial literacy, a topic that is extremely important but undertaught in our society.


With such a need for financial literacy nationally, we are looking to partner with others—nonprofits, educational institutions and accountants—to “spread the wealth”.

About Us

The 5 Buckets 4 Shovels Foundation is the leading voice providing financial literacy to the groups that need is the most—young adults, the newly single, veterans and everyone in between. More and more people in America are lacking the financial tools and knowledge to make ends meet.

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How We Help

Our team provides education through books, presentations and partnerships to ensure that no one is left behind. "5 Buckets, 4 Shovels, a Beach and a Map" serves as the foundation for our educational presentations aimed at adults—especially those in transition—who may be newly single or those leaving the military. "Adulting 101" is geared toward young adults covering 14 topics we thinking everyone should know as they enter adulthood.

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Our Impact

In partnership with various schools, organizations and companies, the 5 Buckets 4 Shovels Foundation has distributions hundreds of books and facilitated dozens of presentations, impacting the lives of young adults throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, expanding nationally.

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Support Us

Our success is because of the many individuals, community organizations and companies that have joined our mission to ensure that everyone, regardless of their stage in life, has the financial education necessary to lead a successful life. Learn more about how you support us and make a difference today.

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Your contribution or sponsorship will help us to provide free books and literacy resources to young adults and those in transition across the nation.


5 Buckets 4 Shovels Foundation
235 Montgomery Street, 30th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104

Executive Director: Yasi Agah
[email protected]